Sitemap - 2022 - Refactoring

My Desk Setup and Accessories πŸͺ‘

Give Refactoring as a Gift! πŸŽ„

Monday 3-2-1 – continue/stop/start, developer experience, bottlenecks πŸ’‘

Cloud vs on-premise infrastructure ☁️

Monday 3-2-1 – good monoliths, career tracks, web3 failuresπŸ’‘

Is Elon Right? 🐦

Monday 3-2-1 – mentors, scrum constraints, productivity offenders πŸ’‘

Skip Level 1:1s πŸ”€

Introducing the Refactoring Talent Club πŸ…

Monday 3-2-1 – best employees, coding managers, psychological safety πŸ’‘

When to Quit your Job πŸšͺ

Monday 3-2-1 – cycles, ship code in a week, feedback ratioπŸ’‘

Taste vs Skills πŸš£β€β™‚οΈ

Monday 3-2-1 – standups, impact, small PRsπŸ’‘

When Should You Hire? πŸ€”

Introducing Audio Articles! πŸŽ™οΈ

Monday 3-2-1 – balancing engineering work, strategy vs execution, referralsπŸ’‘

What is Code Quality? βœ…

Monday 3-2-1 – when to pair program, Fermi paradox, outbound hiringπŸ’‘

Monoliths vs Microservices πŸ—Ώ

Monday 3-2-1 – watercooler meetings, sizing work, future accomplishments πŸ’‘

My Notion Template for Personal CRM πŸ”¨

Monday 3-2-1 – hot potato handoff, code-based diagramming, screening interviewsπŸ’‘

How to Balance your Engineering Investment βš–οΈ

Monday 3-2-1 – good principles, tech debt vs product maturity, choosing agencies πŸ’‘

Career Frameworks β€” Part 2 πŸͺœ

Monday 3-2-1 – Pre-mortems, diagramming tools, hiring via internshipsπŸ’‘

Career Frameworks β€” Part 1 πŸͺœ

Opening up the Refactoring CommunityπŸš€

Monday 3-2-1 – llrich’s law vs Carlson’s law, the end of localhost, performing next level πŸ’‘

The State of Engineering Careers πŸ—³οΈ

Monday 3-2-1 – Conway's law, trunk-based dev examples, middle managers πŸ’‘

How to Grow your Network 🍻

Monday 3-2-1 – reports more experienced than you, code reviews + feature flags, agencies and trustπŸ’‘

How to Build Anything with No-Code✨

Monday 3-2-1 – parallelizing devs, gospel, time to quitπŸ’‘

Life of a CTO πŸ‘‘

Monday 3-2-1 – coaching, good stories, the three hiring channels πŸ’‘

Unconventional Team Structures (Part 2) 🏰

Monday 3-2-1 β€” co-creating processes, iterations, hiring vs promoting managers

Unconventional Team Structures (Part 1) 🏰

Monday 3-2-1 – Feedback, tech strategies, generalists πŸ’‘

On Founders, Creators, and Employees 🎭

Monday 3-2-1 β€” Project docs, fast releases, career frameworks πŸ’‘

How to Relieve Stress πŸ”₯

Monday 3-2-1 – offsites, no-code agencies, buddies πŸ’‘

The Best of Refactoring 🌟

Monday 3-2-1 – estimates goals, integrating agency work, good vs bad perksπŸ’‘

How Technical Should Managers Be? πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

Monday 3-2-1 – Story points, measuring tech debt, tech requirements in job posts πŸ’‘

Feature Flags 🚩

Monday 3-2-1 β€” Iron triangle, tech strategies, time-to-offer πŸ’‘

Design Docs ✏️

Monday 3-2-1 β€” zombie scrum, cattle vs pets, hiring for diversity

Scaling your Team from 5 to 250 Engineers 🌱

Monday 3-2-1 β€” agendas, invisible design, hiring out of the box

How Far Can You Go Without Engineering Managers? πŸ‘‘

Monday 3-2-1 β€” anti-limits, pair programming, about pages

How to Improve Engineering Productivity πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

How to Spend Your First 90 Days πŸ—“οΈ

Do you really need a Staging environment? 🚒

Creating a Good Hiring Process (Part 2) πŸ’Ό

Creating a Good Hiring Process (Part 1) πŸ’Ό

Taking a week off! πŸ–οΈ

How to Manage Your Time ⏱️

Product Engineers ✨

The New Refactoring Library πŸ›οΈ

How to Create Good OKRs 🎯

Does Scrum make sense in 2022? πŸ€”

Retrospectives πŸ”„

Changing Roles: from Engineer to Manager πŸ‘”

How to Give Feedback πŸ’›

Clay β€” A Higher Order Database 🧱

How to Onboard Engineers πŸŽ’

People who make you grow 🌱

My Tool Stack 🧰

How to Manage Technical Debt 🦠

Building Relationships in a Remote Team πŸ€—

The Fermi Paradox of Ideas πŸ‘½

Web3 Engineering (Part 2) πŸ‘Ύ

Web3 Engineering (Part 1) πŸ‘Ύ