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Refactoring is like a personal coach that helps you write great software and work well with humans — only for real cheap!

Refactoring articles are read every week by more than 75,000 friends, including managers and engineers at high-growth startups, and big companies like Google, Meta, and Amazon.

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Refactoring is about three things:

1) 💡 Monday Ideas

Every Monday I send a short email with 3 actionable ideas to get better at your job. These emails are free for all subscribers, and will always stay so.

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2) 🧵 Wednesday Essay

Every Wednesday I send you an original, in-depth article about some engineering topic, backed by my experience, tons of research, and ideas from other great tech leaders.

These emails are exclusive to 🔒 paid subscribers 🔒 and include the long-form articles that made Refactoring famous.

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3) 🎙️ Friday Podcast

Every Friday I will send you a 1-hour interview with a world-class tech leader.

We talk about how to create great software, how to run a successful engineering team, and how to supercharge your personal and professional growth.

Podcast episodes are available in video (on Youtube) and audio (Spotify, Apple) to everybody, while paid subscribers also get the full transcript & my personal write-up and comments — if you prefer reading instead of watching.

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My personal goal is to make Refactoring the best investment you ever made for your engineering career.

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  2. 🎙️ Podcast summaries — my own, hand-crafted summaries of the podcast interviews, with main takeaways.

  3. 💬 Community — access to a private community of 700+ tech leaders, founders and engineers, where we dive deeper into topics and hold special events.

  4. 🏛️ Library — access to a curated library of essays and recommended engineering resources (300+).

  5. 🎁 Deals — access to exclusive partnerships & discounts worth $100K+ on selected engineering tools.

The subscription also comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with Refactoring you can cancel and get 100% refunded — no strings attached.

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🙋‍♂️ About me

About 10 years ago I dropped out of my PhD in CS, co-founded a VC-backed startup in Italy, and started guiding engineering teams when I couldn’t arguably guide myself.

I have overseen scaling from zero to 20+ million customers, enjoyed big wins, catastrophic failures, and everything in between.

I am a voracious reader, but I have always struggled to find high quality, reliable content that really spoke to my work. Something that would make me grow as an engineer, a manager, and a human being.

This newsletter is my attempt to write the content I have always wanted to read. How to build processes, meet deadlines, manage an engineering team, and grow personally in the process.

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