Refactoring Community 💬


The community is the heart of Refactoring.

It is where the most valuable conversations happen and great insights are shared first, only to appear on the newsletter later.

As of today, our community hosts 750+ engineers, managers and founders from all over the world, who help each other every day.

Have a look at how it works 👇

My vision for Refactoring is to become your engineering family — the trusted place and people you can always reach out to for anything you need.

Refactoring is your engineering family.

So what should you expect from it?

✍️ Async Communication

I believe great conversations need the right time for reflection and the right space to express structured thoughts.

For this reason, the community focuses on written, async communication, where everyone can jump in at their own pace.

It is built on Circle, a modern tool that favors thoughtful conversations over noisy, real time chats.

Every week you will receive an email digest with the best posts and comments written by community members, so it's easy to catch up if you missed something.

The community weekly digest

Whether you will be here every day or just check in when you have some time, the community is going to support you.

🔍 Quality

The community is exclusive to Refactoring premium members ⭐

This is crucial to keeping the quality of interactions high, limiting spam, and making people more committed to participating.

If the subscription seems like a lot to you, my promise is that this is going to be very different from your average Slack or Discord channel. Think of a place where you can go, share whatever you are struggling with, and have folks with tens of years of experience reply with their best advice.

Subscription revenues also allow us to bring in special guests, domain experts, and organize all kinds of initiatives to make the community better 👇

🗓️ Events

Refactoring is as much about learning as it is about making friends and connections.

You can expect regular events from the community, including interviews and AMAs with fantastic external guests.

Events are seamlessly integrated in the platform and can be easily added to your calendar. Each event also leads to further discussion — people can leave comments, ideas, and I always write a recap about the most relevant insights.

➡️ How to join

Premium members will find a link to join below.

If you are not a premium member yet, consider upgrading below! You will receive a welcome email with a link to join the community, and all the instructions to access the ret of the premium content.

If you are already a premium member, instead, just continue reading!

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