Refactoring for Teams 🏅

Investing in the professional growth of engineers is a total no brainer for any tech company.

It delivers benefits across the board:

  • 💼 Easier hiring — by lowering the bar of the experience you need to hire for.

  • 🔄 Lower turnover — by creating growth opportunities for engineers.

  • 🚀 Higher productivity — by improving engineers’ skills.

Refactoring is 100% about good engineering education.

For this reason, I have worked for more than one year with 20+ companies to figure out the best way to support the professional development of their teams.

Get 33% off Refactoring for Teams

The result is the first ever Refactoring plan for teams, which includes the following:

1) 🧵 Weekly essays

The basic newsletter experience. 15-minute primers on relevant engineering / management topics. This is perfect for serendipitous learning about stuff that may be useful at work.

2) 🏛️ Library & Learning Tracks

When you have a specific problem or you want to learn about a specific topic, you can look to the Library and find articles, tools and resources carefully organized by me.

There are 150+ articles I have written myself, plus 250+ external resources to complement them.

3) 💬 Community support

The community acts as a distributed coaching, where people ask questions and get tons of answers from 500+ experienced tech leaders.

We also run recurring activities like the Book Club, the Show & Tell, and live Interviews.

4) 🪴 1:1 Coaching

For the highest level of support, in the community you will find plenty of professional coaches, fractional CTOs, and tech advisors, that you can contact directly to get bespoke help.

I can also get you in touch with the right ones based on your needs.

These four experiences go from the most passive and serendipitous (i.e. weekly essays), through which you can do some continuous learning every week, to the most involved and bespoke (i.e. community, coaching), for when you need to solve specific problems.

✨ Special launch offer

For just a few weeks, I am launching the plan at $100/year per seat, for 3+ seats. That’s a 33% discount over the regular individual plans!

You can subscribe here:

Get 33% off Refactoring for Teams

📞 Free 30 mins 1:1 call with me

When you subscribe to a Refactoring for Teams plan, we will jump into a call to:

  1. Figure out your needs and how Refactoring can help.

  2. Demo how other teams are using the Library and the Community for continuous growth.

  3. Give you my take on any challenge you may have + intro to people who may help you further.

  4. Get your input about what to build next!

Let me know your thoughts! I would love to work together to help you develop a healthier, stronger team 💪