About Refactoring 🌀

Hey, I am Luca 👋 nice to meet you!

Refactoring is a weekly column about making great software, working with people, and personal growth.

Every Thursday I write ~2000 words on something I struggled with — and it took some time to figure out. Something I believe you may care as well, as an engineer, a founder, a manager or a beautiful mix of those.

Why should you read it?

About 10 years ago I dropped out of my PhD in CS, co-founded a venture-backed startup in Italy, and started guiding engineering teams when I arguably couldn’t guide myself. I have overseen scaling from zero to millions of customers, enjoyed big wins, catastrophic failures, and everything in between.

I am a voracious reader, but I have always struggled to find high quality, reliable content that really spoke to my work. Something that would make me grow as an engineer, a manager, and a human being.

This newsletter is my attempt to write the content I have always wanted to read. How to build processes, meet deadlines, manage an engineering team, and grow personally in the process.

I would love to have you on board 🚢


Bonus: a nice picture in the Tuscany countryside to simulate an interesting life outside of my laptop 👇