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Oct 23, 2023ยทedited Oct 23, 2023

About naming: I think "clever" names for services are okay and often helpful, especially if you communicate them outside of your team. We gave our "domain" services clever names, and everyone knows that "Clever Name Service 1" does this and "Clever Name Service 2" does something else. All other - technical - services have technical names, e.g. "kafka-to-pubsub-service", "recalculation-scheduling-service" and so one.

About peer reviews: I wrote a blog post where I suggest to perform short, ad-hoc feedbacks from your peers, maybe you like it. (It's the pinned post on my stack, I choose not to post the link here as I wish to avoid any perception of shameless advertisement.)

Oh, and: may I ask what tool do you use to draw your graphs? Looks really nice.

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