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The World Builder Framework — with Aadil Maan (Humane) 🌎

Refactoring Podcast — Season 1 • Episode 2

This episode is brought to you by 📈 LinearB, the software engineering intelligence platform enabling engineering leaders improve their team’s operational efficiency, and align R&D investments to business goals.

🙋‍♂️ Today’s guest

Aadil Maan is Lead Engineering Program Manager at Humane and a big tech veteran, having worked at the likes of Google, Apple, and Blackberry.

He also writes the Building Romes newsletter, which acts as a field manual for TPMs and, I should say, any manager in tech, really.

The theme of today’s chat is The World Builder Framework — Aadil's own approach to problem solving and solutioning processes, frameworks and workflows for product and engineering teams.

Aadil's framework builds upon the experience of shipping hardware & software at big tech and fast paced startups, and gives a new lens for leaders to solve problems, instead of forcing rigid, off-the-shelf, traditional methodologies.

📌 Topics

Here are some things you will learn from this chat:

  1. 🗺️ What do TPMs do? — Aadil explains how Technical Program Managers connect different teams and ensure the strategic execution of projects, bridging the gap between engineering, product, design, and other functions.

  2. 🌎 The World Builder Framework — Aadil encourages a holistic approach to problem-solving by considering the three main elements of a given situation: Environment, People, and Physics.

  3. 🏢 Startups vs Big Tech — Having worked at both, Aadil explains startups vs big tech approaches to problem-solving. We discuss focus, and being thoughtful vs being a first mover.

  4. 🤖 Hardware vs Software — Hardware products are a totally different beast from software. Aadil explains how to ensure that hardware products are delivered, and how to create long roadmaps while retaining agility.

  5. 🎽 Joining a new team — Understanding people, the tech stack, building relationships, and identifying centers of power.

🎙️ Episode

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