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Running a Remote Big Tech 🏒 β€” with Farhan Thawar (Shopify)

Refactoring Podcast β€” Season 1 β€’ Episode 5

Today’s guest is Farhan Thawar β€” VP of Engineering at Shopify, angel investor, and entrepreneur.

Shopify is a public company with thousands of employees, and one of the very few companies of its scale to be remote-first.

While other big tech quietly issued RTOs, Shopify doubled down on processes and culture that allowed it to stay remote, or, in their own words: digital-first.

So, today, Shopify has ports instead of offices, does VR meetings, has a unique collaboration culture, and completely embraced AI for productivity.

Here is everything you will find in the chat:

  • πŸ’» Balancing Remote & IRL β€” how Shopify optimizes for a remote experience while still helping people get together in real life.

  • ✏️ Remote Communication & Culture β€” workflows and principles to make engineers productive in a remote environment.

  • πŸ‘― Pair Programming β€” betting heavily on collaboration.

  • 🎽 The Role of Managers β€” how Shopify’s managers stay technical and optimize for unblocking people.

  • πŸ€– Be an AI Centaur β€” fully embracing the AI revolution by writing 1M+ lines of code with Copilot.

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