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Introducing the Refactoring Podcast!

Weekly interviews with world-class engineering leaders.

Hello friends, I have big news: I am starting a Refactoring Podcast! 🎙️

We have been working super hard on this for the past three months, and I am incredibly excited to show you what we have been cooking.

Here is how the podcast works:

  1. 🎙️ Weekly interviews — Every week I am going to interview to an incredible tech leader about a specific topic around writing software and working together.

  2. 📹 Video + Audio — You will be able to watch the episodes on Youtube (video), Spotify (audio), and all the podcast platforms. Episodes will also go out as individual newsletter editions, like this one.

  3. 🔒 Free + Paid — Episode recordings will be free to watch/listen. However, interviews will double as live community events, so if you are a paid member you will be able to join the interviews for live Q&A. Also, paid members will receive the full transcription + write-up with my additional thoughts and comments, for those who prefer reading instead of watching.

Subscribe now to the full version to get invited to all the interviews 👇

🚀 Season 1

Speaking of interviews, the podcast will be organized into seasons, each season covering one quarter and ~10 guests.

Here are the confirmed guests for Q1:

It’s an extraordinary lineup — I can safely say that, if this was a conference, it would be one of the best conferences ever!

🎯 Why am I doing this?

Refactoring started in late 2020 and so far it has largely featured my own writing, ideas, and mental models.

So, while I think there is a lot of value in curating ideas and frameworks, it is healthy to complement them with:

  • 🎒 Real-life stories • from which you can draw your own lessons, and

  • 🔍 Different perspectives • from those of my own.

This also feels like a natural extension of the community. Interviews double as live events where community members can join and ask questions, and the conversation naturally continues async later in threads and comments 👇

Live community event for the chat with Lena

Guests also usually join the community and continue to hang out there, so it’s a win for everyone.

The goal is to make Refactoring the best place on the internet where to discuss ideas about writing software and working well together.

So, we have already done some interviews in the past, but in 2024 they are becoming first-class citizens of the newsletter. Here is what the Refactoring schedule is going to look like 👇

🗓️ Weekly Schedule

Podcast episodes are going out as individual newsletter editions every Friday, one week after the live event takes place.

To make the calendar more balanced, Thursday long-forms are moving to Wednesday, while Monday emails are staying on Monday 👇

The new Refactoring schedule

The three types of emails are available as individual publications inside of Refactoring, so you can opt-out of any of them if you are not interested. E.g. if you don’t care about the podcast, you can choose to receive only the Monday Ideas and Wednesday (ex-Thursday) Essays.

📺 Platforms

Interviews will be available on a variety of platforms, so you can watch/listen them wherever you are more comfortable:

  • 📹 Youtube — for the full video version.

  • 🎧 Spotify / Apple / Overcast — for the audio version.

  • ✉️ Substack / your email — for the newsletter version, with the video attached.

➡️ Next episode

So this was a pilot! In just a few hours I will be chatting with Lena Reinhard for our very first interview, and the full recording will go out next week on Friday.

If you want to join the events live, ask questions, and get access to the full transcripts and write-ups, join the full Refactoring plan today! 👇

And that’s it for today! I am super excited, let me know your thoughts, and see you soon!

Sincerely 👋