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Integrating AI into Products and Teams — with Disheng Qiu (Translated) ✨

Refactoring Podcast — Episode 3

Disheng Qiu is VP of Engineering at Translated, one of the largest translation companies in the world, powering localization for the likes of Airbnb, Uber, Skyscanner, and more.

Translated has been working on proprietary AI models and tools for 20+ years. It has an internal research team and develops tools that power the work of tens of thousands of professionals.

📌 Topics

With Disheng we explored what it means to be an AI-first company. We talked about many things, including:

  • 💸 Challenges and costs of fine-tuning AI models — when it makes sense to fine-tune a model, what it takes to do it, and when it is better to stick with base models + good prompts instead.

  • 📚 Bringing AI research into products — how to marry cutting-edge research and consumer products.

    🔋 The role of AI in enhancing productivity — the unique Translated model, which focuses on humans-in-the-loop and continuous improvement.

  • 🤖 The future of AI and human collaboration — where do we go from here? Is AI going to steal our jobs?

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