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How to Become a Successful Manager 🎽 β€” with Thiago Ghisi (Nubank)

Refactoring Podcast β€” Season 1 β€’ Episode 10

Hey there! This week we interviewed Thiago Ghisi, Director of Engineering at Nubank.

Thiago has had an incredible tech career: before Nubank, he worked at Apple, Amex and ThoughtWorks.

He is also a deep thinker. He hosts a podcast, and constantly shares great advice on X and LinkedIn.

  • 🎽 What makes managers successful β€” mindset, skills, systems, and advice for new managers.

  • πŸͺœ Expectations & career frameworks β€” how what is expected of you changes throughout your career, and how to be successful at any level.

  • πŸͺ΄ Career advice β€” how to build a great tech career in 2024.

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